Friday, September 26, 2014

quest for the best...

So we are doing a survey- informal and no time line attached - of the alleged best burgers in Chicago.  As you know we recently ate at the Butcher & Burger and were very pleased at the burger results (so much so that I returned to the "scene of the crime" only about ten days later...)

but alas- we have more places to try and so off we went with our visiting friends to Leadbelly this afternoon for lunch.  It sounded promising...

here is the menu-

Our friend ordered a milkshake and pronounced it excellent - and we all ordered burgers which three of the four of us liked very much but one of the group "not-so-much" - 2 people got parmesan garlic fries and 1 the regular fries... the regular fries won the day because the parmesan garlic ones arrived barely warm (but the regular fries were pretty hot so we split those, and since the portion size was huge no one went home hungry..)

the place was nicely appointed and had a good number of tables -

so the verdict is in- if you are in the area of Gladstone Park and hungry- go ahead and visit- but don't drive out of your way to get there... unless of course you have a hankering for an excellent milkshake... tonight Senza....

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