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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Theater Season Begins...

As I mentioned in the Cascabel post, our theater season begins in September and our first production on the calendar is Jane Eyre at Timeline Theater - followed by the Northlight production of Pensacola Commons.  Also on the schedule: Death Tax at Lookingglass Theater, Both Your  Houses at Remy Bumppo, and Danny Casolaro Died For You at Lifeline Theater. All before we leave for the winter and the theater season there (scheduled for eight productions over the winter.... five at Asolo and three at FSU Conservatory) - so stay tuned if you are a "theater buff"....

so follow along for reviews of the things we go to see and then keep an eye for the good ones in your own local theaters- many of the places we go are very small- Northlight is a moderate sized theater, as is Lookingglass but the others are really small and off off off Loop.... so never a moment without something to do here in the big city.... LOL

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