Saturday, January 31, 2015

an OMG surprise!

so a couple of weeks back we decided to go out for a burger on a nice Monday and sit outside- we headed to the island to check out Skinny's Place in Holmes Beach and sadly found it closed- so we ended up at Lobstah's - which has an excellent blue cheese burger but not the same "ambiance" as Skinny's.  Back in the day, my Dad was a fan of the Skinny's burgers and beer- served his way - in a frosty mug...

but today being sunny and warm- 73* - we again decided to head over for an outdoor dining adventure at Skinny's Place-

I am going to show the burger first because that will end up being the delicious enticement to read a bit further - the interesting story of Skinny's - which coincides with my own AMI story...

you can taste it now - right??? LOL!!!

anyway- you can see this is a place for a real griddled greasy cheeseburger- the onion tings are crisp and not greasy and the lettuce and tomato and pickles are to give you a veggie course- LOL...

painted a nice island color - it once was painted brown and less island-y - you may not notice but there are no windows- LOL only sort of chicken wire screens... which are sort of patched in places- LOL

the menu gives you the feel of the place-

note the old fashioned bottles for the cokes-

and here is the story of Skinny and Janice and their "drive-in" which started about the time my parents came to AMI on their honeymoon in the winter of 1951/52...

a nice family story and super great burgers- so what could be more perfect on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

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