Thursday, March 26, 2015

last night's play

last night we saw the Asolo production of Our Betters a play from 1917 by Somerset Maugham.


and here is my review in brief- outstanding costumes, excellent set design, a number of good performances despite the fact that most of the characters were of questionable honesty and morality. I enjoyed the broadly comedic nature of the script, but Phil really didn't care for any of the characters and therefore found it less than entertaining. So the final tally- one thumbs up and one thumbs down... Still two more Asolo productions left in our season and one (for me) Florida Studio Theater play - along with many many films at the Sarasota Film Festival coming up 4/9-4/19.... so lots more to see and do before we leave for the northern season where we have three plays in the first five days after I arrive home for the summer... never a dull moment.

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