Sunday, April 19, 2015

life goes on...

Last night GA and I went to the closing film of the Sarasota Film Festival - "I'll See You in My Dreams" - a wonderful film (written by a 30 year old) about aging and love and risk and losing.  It was excellent and a perfect way to end the festival- just the right note.  Surprising things happen in the film that were very true to life... shit happens - good and bad - just like in life. And life goes on. Both for Blythe in the film and for us after being immersed for a week in alternative perspectives and visions brought to us in the vast variety of films in the festival.

so a very clear thumbs up for Blythe and the film - watch for it... funny, touching, a sensitive view of the aging process and widowhood....

After the film we grabbed a bite to eat and then crashed because we were up early this morning for breakfast before the museum opened to finally see RE-PURPOSED and FAN-tastic two exhibitions I had been meaning to see at the Ringling for months!

my personal favorites were this "mirror" which mirrored the movements of the viewers in front of it-
the set of three "dolls" (one shown below) and the incredibly evocative "tent/gathering place" shown in the third photo below-

we had to walk through the museum to see the exhibits and so a few things caught my eye along the way-

here are just a couple of photos from the FAN exhibit- which we both loved!

then in between RE-PURPOSED and the FAN exhibit was this totally weird exhibit that neither GA nor I could begin to understand about an alternative world with two kinds of creatures- and these guys were one kind...LOL I think these were the good ones- LOL

so then we headed quickly back to the parking lot so GA could head south for lunch with her friend and a couple more films at the SFF and I could head home for an hour or so before leaving for my play - at the (new to me) Forida Studio Theater. Today's performance is Chapatti-

so I will report back on that later- but the SFF is over and done for 2015 and life goes on... now a week of work around the house and then the journey north for the summer months!

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