Saturday, April 18, 2015

withdrawal sypmtoms

So I am home for an hour or so before returning to the SFF for the Closing Film... and already having some serious withdrawal symptoms... saw two films this morning - one a fairly well done standard Hollywood fare with two pretty leads (Guy Pierce and Cobie Smulders) who finally get together in the final scene- and which you knew pretty much from the opening scene that it would work out that way- but it did have a kick butt performance by the guy who played Danny...Kevin Corrigan... rent this one if you are looking for pretty standard rom-com fare.


the second film was better- not predictable and quirky with several excellent performances by the lead actors Jennifer Prediger and Jess Wiexler- who apparently have made movies together before- really fun and funny and quirky, arty film - look for this one - the scene which is the basis for the photo from the catalogue is hilarious---

down to the final film- guess it is a good thing I have theater tickets for tomorrow to help ease the pain of withdrawal.... LOL

and still turning over in my mind- my pick for the grand prize winner---

so I am heading back downtown to the opera house for the final film along with GA... more later-

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