Friday, June 12, 2015

the rest of the week

that flew by- well let's see-

a concert on Saturday night at Folkstage at WFMT- Small Potatoes-

dinner with friends on Sunday night at Cafe Marbella -

dinner with wine buddy and partner Neil on Tuesday at Knife & Tine (OMG I cooked on Monday- how did that happen?)

an unexpected dinner with wine buddy and BFF, Mon, at goosefoot on Wednesday,

Bad Jews at Theater Wit on Thursday

and tonight a concert at SPACE in Evanston (more on that one later) -

Since opening its doors in 2008, SPACE has brought thousands of world class performances to Evanston audiences.  With a rustic and warm ambiance and state-of-the-art technology the venue has become a favorite amongst musicians and music fans of all ages.  SPACE doesn’t fit standard labels such as “jazz club” or “rock club.”  It is a place where music fanatics can get closer to their favorite music and have a uniquely intimate and memorable experience.

tonight Janiva Magness -

this week was also my annual round of doctor visits - eye doc Monday (thanks Dick!) derm doc Tuesday (thanks Laura!) and "women's imagining" LOL Thursday... I am not faint of heart - annual mammography- my mother died of breast cancer and her mother did as I go religiously (despite having no religion- LOL)

so our days fly by and plans get made- next week - three dinners on the schedule before Phil leaves on Friday for the Clearwater Festival with Jeremy & Angela... "and no moss grows on a rolling stone..."

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