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foto faves

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

somethings are easy

others not so much- but here is something that is easy- when you have dinner with friends and the evening just flies by because you have lots of things to talk about... and that's how it was tonight. Our 7:30 reservation and dinner found us surprised when we looked up and the restaurant was empty at 10:45... where did the time go? well who knows...when things are easy and comfortable - it just goes...

we had a lovely dinner and caught up with friends John & Barb at the wonderful Oceanique...

an amuse to start-

Phil and I shared the scallops and the foie gras as starters Barb also had the foie and John had the corn and lobster soup...

then another amuse - seared skate with sea beans-

a palate cleanser of blueberry sorbet with pineapple-

John and Barb and I all ordered the halibut - which was excellent and Phil had the bouillabaisse-

desserts were 2 and 2- 2 Night & Day cakes and 2 Pot de Creme with whipped creme fraiche and hazelnuts...

an excellent meal with even better company- and did we mention that we're winter neighbors? as well as both being Chicago summer folk... and John & Barb (who I met in my Sarasota arts class last winter) have now joined Folkstage, Phil's regular Chicago Saturday night concert series.... I think it was beshert... LOL

Anyway we have plans to do some music together the first weekend in November in Florida - which will be here sooner than we think... Tomorrow night- The Funnymen at Northlight Theater... review to follow - of course....

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  1. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto. We had a wonderful time as well and the time just flew. Not to mention the great food and outstanding wine pairings. Bashert indeed!