Wednesday, February 17, 2016

time's up!

just like that our time with MAK is up... the few days have zoomed by in a haze of catch up stories and glasses of wine and laughter.... yesterday we had lunch at Star Fish and got stone crabs for a snack and then had dinner at indigenous- a lovely evening outdoors... time flies

we all started with Mushroom Bisque and then went on to the pork belly-

these were our wines-

I had the short ribs and MAK the char and Phil had a shrimp dish-

a shared dessert of peanut butter ice cream with malted pretzels and chocolate cake squares ended the evening.

time flies- off to the airport this morning to drop MAK at the rental car counter (she's headed to Legoland with nephews aged 4 and 8) and I am off to class. Later this afternoon a lecture about a local dolphin population and the research done about their lives and habitat. Tomorrow night Doug Macleod and Friday night another concert ... next company arrives Sunday LOL- so we do have time to change the bedding and wash the towels...

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