Monday, August 29, 2016

the trifecta!

So then we hit the trifecta after dinner at El Ideas and lunch at mfk- we capped off the weekend with dinner at 42 grams! (see post called "why we live here" from early July)

Off we went for a fabulous meal again - Jake and Alexa never disappoint- never disappoint!

all photos shown in the menu order-

a splendid time was had by all! and today we had sushi for lunch because we were beyond the pale with the high end dining at this point- - - cheeseburger anyone? LOL

tomorrow I will start on the trip blogging and also get my new pantry built out and laundry closet build out- and then my final project for the condo this year (the bedroom shutter installation) will be the only open item... so keep on coming back more photos and more fun!

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