Sunday, August 28, 2016

we win again!

off to lunch on this humid last Sunday in August - with S&S - to mfk our favorite lunch place these days.  As usual we mostly consumed the entire menu when it came down to it- LOL
the menu and the food - the winner of the anchovy contest will be announced up front because we had three entries and one was chosen unanimously-

for this section we ordered the prawn heads the ceviche the three kinds of anchovies - all shown below!

from this section we had everything but the beets-

from this we had the meatballs and the mussels (oops missed that photo while they were there and they disappeared immediately!) and we also special ordered the Chicken Ballotine (Julia Child's recipe!)

we had two wines - this was first and a Drouhin Premier Cru Chablis from 2005

we all shared a dessert of Basque cake YUM!

now we are stuffed and trying to get hungry again for dinner at 42 grams! LOL-

so stay tuned and I am working on Copenhagen posts simultaneously - those will start coming online soon as well!

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