Saturday, September 17, 2016

Riga Redux!

Day Two began with our trip to the Synagogue - we made our way on foot from the shuttle bus stop through narrow streets to the synagogue to meet the guy who will show us around- Mischa.

from the synagogue we walked to St Peter's Church and made a quick visit inside before going on the the Museum of the Barricades from the period of protests against the Soviets -

the interior of the Museum of the Barricades -

then it was off to lunch at a well respected place right in Old Town-

outstanding bread basket and mushroom soup! we both ordered it!

Phil had a nice fish plate whose photo has gone missing and I ordered a club sandwich-

then it was back out on the streets for us-

back to the meeting point and then the ship - we set sail for Estonia late this afternoon- we had hoped to get back to the massive dirigible hangers that now serve as the Central Market but ran out of time- 

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