Saturday, September 17, 2016

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I know I haven't been so speedy with the posting-  we have some business issues we are dealing with here and so time has gotten away from me for the trip posts.  But each evening we continue our rounds of social engagements (the days up north are in the countdown - especially with the trip to Coachella for the Desert Trip music festival)- I know I know- reasons and excuses - so I am going to make an effort to take the weekend off of social plans and get caught up on trip posts.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I briefly returned to furniture building LOL-

Let's do this in reverse order-

last night we met up with Ron & Mary at Sun Wah a perennial favorite for Peking Duck - we also love their egg rolls, walnut shrimp and beef chow fun with pan fried rice noodles.  Service was less than stellar (way less) but the food was good - especially the chow fun of the things we had last night.

the evening went by quickly and capped a fairly long day of paperwork and furniture building LOL- I swear I wouldn't do it again but I did because of space limitations - I need a bathroom cabinet - to sit next to the pedestal sink (which has no place for Phil to put his "stuff" on it LOL)

so here is the result of my handiwork- LOL

oh and due to a delivery snafu when we were out for a business meeting, this week I had to go to UPS to pick up these-

our tickets to the music festival in Coachella CA that we are attending in October- (SEE THEM NOW- while they are still living! LOL)

the night before last we went to the New England Seafood Company (we were longing for Florida food- now having been away for nearly five months) - it was new to us and although the food was sort of hit or miss - we liked it enough to return and it is just down the street from us so that's a plus when deciding last minute - "what do you want to eat for dinner?"

these photos are from the Internet - my phone had been working overtime and stayed home for dinner LOL

service was friendly and timely and the owner stopped by to check up on the meal.  Salmon was a tad overcooked but the swordfish part of the mixed grill was very good and the jasmine rice accompaniment just right.  Phil had the fisherman's platter and liked it all - my tasting of his food would give a nod to the fish and chips as the cod was excellent and the calamari also was quite crispy and tender... our last minute choice turned out to be a place to return...

the night before that we met up with Mon & Beth at Osteria Langhe - where we had a lot of great food but were in such a dark corner of the restaurant I couldn't get any decent photos without a flash and I find that too annoying to other diners so you will have to deal with only a photo of the wines and my rabbit main-


the wines of the evening- below-the 1993 Brunello di Montalcino and the 1977 port

my coniglio wrapped in pancetta and doused with summer truffles - served over polenta- the plate was absolutely cleaned off- terrific dish!

so I think that brings us back to the prior eating post on terrific Tanta (Tuesday night- alliterative all the way) LOL

so the weekend is now dedicated to catching up on the posts from the Baltic trip- which is quickly receding in our minds-  I promised more posts - our next port of call is Gdansk and we have already let the cat out of the bag so here is our top story from Gdansk- in a single photo-

yes that's the two of us with Lech Walesa! so get the whole story on how we ended up in this photo by returning for the trip posts - coming up soon!

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