Friday, February 17, 2017


This year's Circus Sarasota had more than enough drama to go around.  The Wallendas- the main act for the 2017 Circus Sarasota - had a terrible accident just two days before the circus was to open last Friday night.  Five members fell from the high wire act they were practicing (and several were severely injured) which was the three layered pyramid balance on the wire.

But the show must go on!

(all photos are from the program except the three above) 

the Ring Master was the same one as last year - and he does a perfect job---

the next acts are in order of how I enjoyed them- not the order they came in- 

These guys were waaaay better than last year's strong men- truly amazing feats of strength and agility- they were - to me- the most impressive act of the night - quickly followed by this 13 year old young lady who also was stunning in her capabilities of balance and strength!

the most beautiful act of the night was a reprise of last year's favorite Dolly Jacobs and partner Rafael Palacios... flying never looked so easy or elegant or graceful- beautiful performance!

although it was less ambitious than planned - the fact that the Wallenda troupe performed at all was awe inspiring- and quite emotional for them as well-

some very fancy horsemanship from these folks- three riders and a guy who cracked the whip (could do without that part for sure)

a hula hoop goddess and juggling dancers- and dogs - OK less than the group above but still entertaining in their own ways- LOL

Then the clowns - given that I hate clowns and find them creepy I was amazed LAST YEAR at how much I really enjoyed and liked Bello Nock (who also was an aerialist extraordinaire!) These guys were stupid and mostly not funny- spraying water on each other does not make it to comedy in my mind (but then I was also never a stooges fan....) I was embarrassed for them!

So another year of fun and games at the circus- and a few of the facts about the last 20

the kids who train at the Circus Arts Academy also have their own circus in the spring-

We all send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the Wallendas who are still hospitalized- of the five injured - two were at the show last night (but not performing) and three remain in the hospital with two expected to be released to rehab today and one - Rietta Wallenda (who was likely in the top chair and fell the furthest) remains hospitalized... Amazingly enough one of the guys landed on his feet and only broke a few toes! Incredible athletes all of these performers - we stand in awe of their accomplishments!

today off to a National Theater Live production of Amadeus! so stay tuned!

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