Sunday, May 14, 2017


our day of crap food continued from Yummy (in the middle of nowhere) to Dairy Queen in exurban DC extra exurban.... but it was late and we were able to make it under the wire before they closed and have the $5 special of chili dog and chips and a blizzard and small drink... can't beat the price. The dog was hot and the ice cream was cold and the hour was late....

The next morning we headed to the National Park Service's Antietam Battlefield where we watched a short film about the battle.  Then we drove around the site following the numbers and the signs to see how the past played out here in the fields that seem so serene today - having seen the horrors of war in a way our soil hasn't since....

The results in executive summary-

and here is what I posted that day on FB about our time there

At Antietam today. Quiet - birdsong everywhere. Sadly this war is still underway and those who wish to keep African Americans a permanent underclass have done their best to ensure that progress stopped in November 2016. #wishwedletthemgo. That so many died to keep human beings enslaved so they could live in the style they were accustomed to is mind boggling to me. They have poisoned the well of equality from those days to the present. Today am hoping that karma prevails.

So after a sobering morning and early afternoon in the battlefield we went into town for lunch- and had some sandwiches at a local tavern - no more lunch at 4 PM for this gal!

then we did a drive of the few of the local back roads along an abandoned canal (now a bike path) and ended up in Hagerstown that night where we found some food- a place that wasn't specializing in seafood LOL

TB's goulash soup and my salad-

his sauerbrauten and my schnitzel-

and on our final day we did a lesiruely drive back to BWI via back roads and found this monument to journalists and an iron foundary from the days of the war---

a farm we passed -

the foundary-

we stopped at Wawa for sandwiches for lunch and had dinner near the airport once we had checked into the hotel- got upthe following morning for the 6:20 am shuttle and headed back to our respective home bases- me to Florida so Lucy and I could travel north to Chicago two days later and TB to Denver for his daily life routines..... interesting trip- loved the crab - LOL and loved the water! 

best dessert - day one- "muddy mason" 
best lunch- crab pizza  in Cambridge MD
best dinner- ooooh tough one! might have been crab cakes in Cape May for me...

but no matter what the food was like - it was good to spend time with my travel buddy and good friend- life takes us on different routes most of the year so it is good when we can catch up at a leisurely pace and explore some new part of our country... 

and with that thought I leave with an address to cut and paste into your browsers for our website of previousl DART trips - not all but the ones we have done for the last decade or so... enjoy.

and stay tuned because in two days I am off to NYC - so I think I will have a few things to report about from there LOL

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