Saturday, May 20, 2017

exective summary

We went to NYC to visit friends and family- it was a quick visit... Our dear friend Laure is expecting a son in July and we thought we should go before things get crazy with the baby (#2) and we are always happy to have time for a meal with Jeremy (and artist friend Kate).  So off we went and on the first night we saw Laure, with husband Arno, at Rouge Tomate's new location.

Then night two, we saw Kate & Jeremy at degustation.  Then night three, we went to Laure's for a dinner she prepared and got to spend a bit of time with Alix (world's most wonderful 6 year old!)... In between we rode the new section of the subway along Second Avenue and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and had lunch at Luke's lobster and went to the Frick and had lunch at Sarge's deli/diner oh and yes, we made our regular visit to the Grand Central Oyster Bar.  So we did manage to do some things despite the 90* heat.... which was unseasonably warm!

and then upon our return home, it was 40* (unseasonably cold)!

this afternoon we were able to meet up with Sheila & Mary at Boeufhaus for lunch before Phil headed out to his Saturday night concert series so we are as busy as ever... with plans several nights this week as well...

I am going to start the photos with my favorite course at the new Rouge Tomate the cauliflower salad-

here is the menu to check out before we head off to the selections we all made-

an aperitif of refreshing muscadet

the snacks we selected - chicken livers and olives and boquerones - then Pascaline (an owner at Rouge Tomate and friend of Arno's) comped us a fabulous char crudo - one of the best plates of the evening...

we also shared the veggie of snap peas (which were kind of lost in a heavy hand of five spice powder)

then starters - my cauliflower salad and Laure's chilled beet soup and Phil's fluke crudo

then the house sent the beet and sweet potato side-

we had the above courses with the white below and then the mains with the red (a terrific GSM of blended vintage years)

the bison (Phil and Arno both ordered this one)

I had the salmon and Laure the chicken and we shared the pea risotto-

in the desserts - I had the lemongrass parfait which was really good with subtle flavors and refreshing mango sorbet...

Phil chose the chocolate and coconut  and Laure the rhubarb pie  and Arno had the banana cake but I didn't get a photo of his dessert -

It was nice to see Arno outside of his work at Racine's NY - we hadn't seen him or dined with him in three years since it keeps him very busy... we have been his guest there but he is pulled in many directions so we were happy he was willing to take an evening to spend part of it with us...

the next day we did the subway first and then Luke's and then the Metropolitan before meeting Kate & Jeremy...

we had the tasting menu- with a white and then a red-

above- amuse of oyster and below the terrific gazpacho which Jeremy had substituted with Brussels sprouts and mushrooms-

blue and beets and pea tendrils with hazelnuts -

lox and bagels - yum yum yum yum

the red wine for the heartier segments of the meal-

the transition course of seafood and pasta-

my favorite course the duck confit with mole sauce - crispy duck and full flavored mole - excellent!

the others had lamb (don't know where the photo went) and I had fish as a substitute-

the to-die-for dessert - their signature - bruleed french toast - (I'll have a dozen to go please!)

then the next day - the Frick after lunch at Grand Central Oyster Bar- with my usual photo of shells - empty shells - always too anxious to eat them and forget to photograph the oysters about 90% of the time LOL

another lobster roll - which paled in comparison to the Luke's trio of lobster shrimp and crab rolls -

but you have to love the ambience there -

below- the take out window-

no photos in this museum but the garden can be photographed and since it is one of our favorite New York spots we were happy to rest there for a while-

then Laure fixed dinner for us at home - where we dined overlooking the Statue of Liberty-

we brought the white (from Burgundy Wine Co) a 2014 Domanie Chapuis

And Arno picked the red - from 2013 Hudelot-Noellat

Laure made an excellent shrimp salad - very very tasty!

followed by onglet and herbed roasted tomatoes and potatoes

an experimental dessert of strawberry "mousse"  also tasty but the  structure seemed to be breaking down a bit (new recipe LOL) - it was a nice light and fruity end to the meal...

the next day we had lunch before heading to the airport and we tried a new to us deli on Third Ave- excellent food (in the diner/deli category) - fabulous corned beef and pastrami - we can definitely recommend it!

and then our car picked us up and took us the hour plus to the airport - and we were home a two minutes to 9 PM... plenty of time to spend a bit with Lucy and get at least the first load of laundry done LOL - that's how we know we are home - the cat complains and the laundry gets done ....

we are home now until we head to Ireland next month but we will have guests in between - cousin Michele and friends from out of town - and then when we return in July we also have guests twice and we are trying to make plans with friends in August and to head west in September before our Georgia trip (Republic of) October 1st..... so as usual we are busy - concerts and theater and dining events- so stay tuned....

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