Sunday, May 14, 2017

Doing Delaware

We took the early ferry back to Delaware and stopped on the way to Dover for lunch at a crossroads that barely makes it to village level of population but it was an excellent burger place-

then we went on the to the Military Air Transport Museum

from there we went to Dover to see the old and new buildings that serve(d) as the state capital... 

next we did our best to stay on back roads until we reached the vicinity of Winterthur- or destination for the following morning- we stayed nearby in Chad's Ford, PA - we had dinner at a restaurant on the corner near our hotel- where I had some tasty meat balls and TB had a pasta dish -

then off in the AM to Winterthur-

We rode a tram through the park like grounds to the House.Museum where we had an intro tour of the collections of Mr. DuPont...

the interiors house only part of the enourmouse collectins of Colonial and American furniture and the work of craftsmen and Americana...

Mr. DuPont was such a stickler for detail - he even had soaps and towels sets to match for guest

back to Chad's Ford for the Brandywine museum- where we had lunch in the cafe - excellent soup!

We ended up going to the Brandywine River Art Museum as well before leaving Delaware and heading back into Maryland along the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay to the Kent Island Narrows where we spent the night, where we had a nice meal at one of the local places called "The Narrows" 

the following morning we headed to Annapolis where oddly enough the trolley tours were not running (despite the advertising assuring everyone of daily service) because - according to the tourist office lady - "it's Easter Monday..." huh????

so we did our own cross-hatching of the old area of Annapolis - stopped for a Starbuck's and headed out of town- towards Historic St Mary's and another maritime museum among other stay tuned!

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