Wednesday, August 30, 2017

a bright idea

As I mentioned- we were headed with friends Ron & Mary to El Ideas tonight - kind of sort of to celebrate Ron's birthday but mostly just to have a nice dinner out... and that it was -

we met at the restaurant after passing through the barriers for filming of Chicago PD on the other end of the block and arrived right on time... kind of a miracle since we had left with no time to spare...

We got the menu at the end of the meal - which is always fabulous since remembering all those courses can get to be a real challenge..

my very favorite courses were the next two - followed by the French fries and milk shake course-

prepping for the fries and shake course-

 a terrific crab leg course-

this looks kind of dark and uninteresting but it was cherries and pistachios and foie- really excellent flavor combos-

goat cheese and fig and phyllo - yum!

in the kitchen-

all are happy campers as we finish the meal-

a lovely evening with friends -
and some amazing foods - #blessed  (Lee C. that one's for you!)

so off we go, on to more adventures in eating and drinking and music and eventually (in about two weeks) travel - when we head out to wine country in Oregon to visit with Steve & Suzanne (newly becoming empty-nesters) before returning in time to do our epicurean adventure in the Republic of Georgia- so as always - stay tuned!

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