Saturday, September 2, 2017

return anew

So for years we had been going to this place called Rub's Backcountry Smokehouse for local BBQ and we were pretty darn happy with the products they had to serve there- but alas- as George Harrison sang "All Things Must Pass"....

here are some photos of the late Rub's

We were so happy to discover that they actually had just closed to revamp and re-brand themselves.  Apparently they had always been a Supply House for BBQ equipment and supplies and now they have a new name and a new identity and the eat-in space has basically doubled -

we ate outside because it was a nice day and being Labor Day weekend we are starting to feel the summer's end approaching us...

they have added a Carolina mustard based sauce to the three traditional ones they have had over the years (Citrus Chipotle, Smokey Sweet, and Smoked Jalapeno

the sides we picked were the truffled mac n cheese (not much truffle) and the baked beans - which were very good...

In the past I had ordered the brisket melt but now they have added a brisket "burger" which was terrific - chopped wagyu smoked brisket and cheddar and onions - an excellent and LARGE choice-

 Phil ordered the two meats entree with sliced smoked brisket and rib tips... then later we ordered TO GO with sliced brisket for both of us and pulled pork for Phil (because I already had a little meat loaf at home and Phil doesn't like meat loaf LOL (which is fine with me because I DO like it!)

so even though it isn't the same it is the same - a few more choices - an added sauce and a couple of entrees and some good dessert choices which we did not have room for- all made in cute little skillets! One thing remains the same- the great sign out front!

so it remains a thumbs UP with us....

last night Mike & Leslie came over for sushi and we carried in and did some wine tasting- no stars in the four or five wines we had- but the sushi was good and plentiful!

tomorrow night - we are back to Osteria Langhe, this time with John & Stephanie! I am in a complete and total "rut" there and I already know I will order their fabulous rabbit as my entree!

It's just too good to pass up!  Stay tuned! because next week is 100% booked with a concert of Brother Sun on Monday and a Mezcal tasting at Quiote (a Mondiale event through the Chaine) - then an Italian wine dinner at the Bristol - along with a concert at the end of the week but not before my path crosses for the third  or fourth time on the physical plane with my friend Carolyn Merrick! Yes you read that correctly - Carolyn and I have been friends since 1991 and even before Face Book managed to stay in touch for all those years - she was a newly wed and I was a single woman.  But here is the thing... two days after we met the people we were working with asked us if we had met in kindergarten because we had the ease of lifelong friends - LOL- so we became them...LOL

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