Monday, August 28, 2017

"Island" food

So last night we met up with friends Shari and Kevin for a quick bite on Sunday at a place nearby... We live near each other so we chose Isla Filipino. The menu offered many many choices. So we ordered pretty much one from each category. 

We started with Lumpia Shanghai ( terrific little eggroll style bites) - these were a real winner!

Then we ordered some BBQ pork on skewers - also very good!

Then some more pork dishes  - the The Crispy Pata shown first and then the Sizzling Sisig

We had Garlic Rice and Tortang Talong from this section of the menu- 

and the Chicken Adobo from this menu section

the two best wines were Kevin & Shari's BARTH sparkler from Germany and the Archery Summit pinot from Oregon- it is kind of hard food to do wine pairings (beer if you drink it would be a better match I think...)

somehow I missed the picture of the fish we had - LOL but here it is listed on the menu - Inihaw na Bangus

I know why - because about six dishes came at once and I got distracted - even though we asked for them to stagger the food - twice we were inundated with  things.  As we left the closed restaurant where they were mopping the floors we figured out it was because they closed at 7 on Sunday and since we had met at six we hadn't noticed LOL-  also might be the reason they were out of one beef dish we ordered... :-(  the beef Kare- Kare

Normally we don't even think about dinner until 7:30 or 8:00 but our friends are young and they work on Monday morning so we met early- good thing we did because we would have had to go elsewhere if we had not arrived early. The place does keep longer hours on other days of the week so just don't go there on Sunday.  And a tip - just order maybe two dishes at a time since the kitchen is very quick with the execution of the food.

Next time I would go on a week night and continue exploring the menu but definitely have the BBQ pork and the Lumpia Shanghai again - and one of the other two pork dishes - and try some beef...

The calendar keeps getting things added to it - especially for September- so lots to follow- stay tuned...

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