Sunday, January 28, 2018

wine dinners - part II

so off we went to the Saturday night wine dinner in the Forks and Corks weekend of wine events.  We had a lovely meal with friends Mary Ann and Gene, and Francesco from one of the wineries pouring last night.

The meal was very good- with four courses after passed hors d'oeuvres -

from the reception area = these garage style doors are raised for entry to the dining area-

rounds of eight were set with all our glasses ready for the evening-

the menu is located under the glass charger so you can make reference to it over the evening- (I took it out to photograph)

then we began our leisurely paced meal-

the menu as published-

the wine-makers attending and pouring-

we bought a bottle of the unusual dessert wine which is twice fermented- once as wine and a second time with the juice of fermented sour cherries- seemed like it would be good with ice cream and berries

we also bought a couple of bottles of the Pecorino (named after the sheep not the cheese LOL) which was something different in white and lively for warm weather-

Francesco told us that the wine was named because when the grapes came to bud it was time for the Pecorino sheep to go up in the mountains to graze and when they came down it was harvest time LOL so they were the calendar for the cycle of production for this wine- hence the name

Today off to the ballet some exciting performances- so more to follow- stay tuned!

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