Friday, February 24, 2023

Busy busy busy

So we spent three days of school this week - actually learning Spanish.... slowly slowly. The other two days- we did testing and a day of lecture about architecture.  So our five days were incredibly busy. On top of that we did a river boat tour and Angela & Lee came to visit.... lunch after class (skip this one- not worth a return trip) 

some cool signs along the way- 

the river tour- 

more things seen along the way- 

one day at break we went to get churros - 

on the way back to class- 

our school lobby

lunch with Angela (she came to school to pick us up LOL)

more streets along the way- 

we went out to a flamenco show with Angela-

on the way home from the show- 

Then out to dinner with Angela (Lee was working in Madrid) 

So that brings us up to Thursday night bedtime... up early tomorrow for a lecture and then a little tour of two city highlights- 

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