Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday on our own

Today is the marathon from 7am to 2pm, so we went out a bit early for lunch at the nearby plaza. We got the last table available. The place where we ate had alternative cuisine so the dishes were different from most tapas places. They had South American and Asian influences.   We chose cuttlefish meatballs, shrimp and garlic croquettes and taquenos. Followed by molten chocolate cake. The place was hopping. We found the food good but not spectacular. 

We did a bit of shopping and then went to sit in our lovely park across the street for an hour or so while we discussed plans for our winter return.  We googled storage facilities so we could leave a lot of our clothes which have no need to go back and forth with us. And we discussed timing for various steps in the process.  Meanwhile we agreed that we both were really liking Sevilla and were no unhappy that we had reserved a place for next winter.  

Below one of the courtyards in our apartment building- and then one of our street and finally two of the park across the street.

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