Tuesday, February 21, 2023

we being to learn

So off we went to class for our first actual day of language immersion classes. And in class I was lost in about two minutes - LOL really - by 10:07 nothing made sense and the teacher didn't seem to understand that I am a relational learner- I connect things I already know with things I am learning to be able to remember them - so I need them to make sense and the things she told us made not one whit of sense.

so I figured - I am stuck here and I might be the worst student in the beginners class but I would soldier through. take heart- it did get a bit better as the morning wore on.... but I wrote a lot of notes to help me remember all those things that made no sense. LOL

we went out for desayunos after 90 minutes of learning how to order and pay at a cafeteria (place to get coffee.) We got to practice in real time.  then we returned to class for about 2 more hours and did an exercise where we did little biographic presentations and practiced sentences using our words for hobbies and favorite cities and colors etc...  so all in all - it was a slow start but we made actual progress.

after school, we stopped for lunch near the classes - we had the menu del dia - I got salmorejo and Phil had salad and we both picked the black rice with seafood- simple but perfect for a quick bite. 

on our walk home from lunch we saw this stunning building- they are everywhere here in Sevilla.

At six I went back to school and met m speaking partner - a delightful young woman named Julia.  They had a spread of treats for the participants-

after a while the meeting was breaking up and so Julia and I walked together to where Phil and I were meeting for dinner - a place called Lobo Lopez. 

We went home for me to work on my homework assignment and go to bed early - tired from many hours of concentrating and too much late night eating (last night - tonight was an earlier night - home by 10:15).  More tomorrow!

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