Wednesday, March 13, 2024

back at school

 I have been taking an online class this semester with a fabulous professor Nick Davis. The topic is Instant Classics of Contemporary Cinema or some such.... This week we did Oppenheimer with a moderate review of Christopher Nolan's career. I think the only film of his I had seen was Memento which I found extremely disturbing. Some of the other films have been Parasite and Everything Everywhere All At Once and The Fabelmans.... Nine weeks of primary films with secondary parallel films discussed in varying degrees. The final class was be Barbie and Wes Anderson's Asteroid City... It's been very interesting and this professor has been terrific. The last class we did this way was with Professor Jake Smith who taught a wonderfully enlightening class on the history of the recorded music.  I took the photo of a screen in my zoom because I wanted to remember a few of these films which were perhaps much more intellectual work of Nolan than his Batman films but - hey ya gotta pay the rent. 

Up next term a new course from Professor Jake Smith (who we loved a couple of years ago when we took his History of Recorded Music.) The new course is on the development of children's media. 

this course was excellent and here are a few of the films we discussed - 

So it was a good class and worked out well for those of us not in the Central US Time Zone where Northwestern University is located.

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