Monday, November 15, 2010

short days

just this morning I got the sense we are about to start the hibernating season.  the yard is looking quite a bit less lush than it was just a few weeks back.  the trees in front of the houses on either side of us completely dropped their leaves in the last three days. 

seasons change and one of the things I like to do is to note where the yard has been over the last few months

here is a photo of the day I finished installing some river rock in a bed the squirrels dug up so regularly I had to find a better way of protecting the soil than the plain mulch they destroyed each day.

 and then I planted pots for the patio and I was quite happy with my handiwork for about six weeks but alas - with things that grow they are never static and the pots got to look a bit sorry and overspent. 

the hydrangea were late late late to the party- I didn't get a single bloom on my "Everlasting Summer" variety until August and even then they were not abundant.

but over all I was pleased with the way things looked-

we use the deck and patio quite a bit and I wanted them to be welcoming to our friends.  we had a number of good parties in the yard this summer.  a dozen of our work friends came for an afternoon and evening in July and we had the wine group for Memorial Day and out of town friends for Labor Day along with a couple of get-togethers for no particular reason. 

this is why we stay home in the summer- it is the best time of  the year to be in Chicago.

november is not one of our best months usually - although until a day ago it was wonderful- but that is why we are headed south for some sun- Buenos Aires here we come!

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