Thursday, January 13, 2011


was described by Einstein in terms of pretty girls and passing time.  here at the River Cottage we describe it in terms of weather.  we have been here nine days and already are complaining about "how cold it is"- LOL.  it is only 52 degrees for a high today and with a fairly brisk wind we need jackets when outside.  and boy isn't that the essence of relativity- if we were home we would be shivering in the cold and snow. 

we have been busy-busy working so far this week and so we took a bit of time off for lunch today to try a sushi place not too far from the cottage.  it was quite good and they had lunch specials that helped keep the price reasonable.  we tried the Tampa roll- crispy fried grouper in a spicy sauced roll.  it was very good- a worthy repeat order item. 

our gator has gone into hiding - or hibernation due to the cool weather - as we haven't seen him since the first sighting.  however, we have seen about a dozen sizable turtles several times - when they sun themselves in the afternoon right across the river from where we are.  we spotted them through binoculars so a photo is not possible- you will just have to take my word for it.

here are a couple of photos from warmer weather- maybe they will help us feel a bit warmer vicariously -

swimming in the beautiful blue Adriatic - I can assure you the water was a perfect temperature.

and  some outdoor cafe time in Corfu Town on Corfu - where it was so warm everyone went for the shaded tables!

also - some kids playing in the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia.  as you can tell from the clothing they wear, it was warm that November day when Jennifer and I ran into the little trouble makers - LOL.

Saturday is scheduled to get warmer and we are looking forward to being able to sit outside on the deck and watch our river wildlife up close and personal.  even better, Phil's brother Larry is coming for a visit and will be here Saturday morning. 

we have scheduled a new place (Ortygia) to try for Saturday night and an old favorite on the island (the Sign of the Mermaid) for Sunday night.  we used to go there to celebrate my mom's birthday virtually every year (2002 through 2008) after my dad died but when she still lived on the island.

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