Sunday, January 9, 2011

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LOL- OK so ours isn't exactly of the tweet type but we firmed up some plans yesterday for our social calendar and things are looking pretty darn busy over the next seven weeks. 

one friend asked us what on earth were we going to do in Florida for two months.  I did actually bring the AAA guide in case we got some extra time to be tourists but between working and our social engagements I don't think that will happen. 

starting this coming weekend we have company three times over the next seven weeks and starting later next week we see friends - five different couples/singles over the seven weeks and then we also are taking a trip to Key West for my birthday (not on my birthday but "for" my birthday) - haven't been there in a few years

the first time I went to Key West was way back when I was married to my first husband (1973-1983) - it was close to the end so probably 1982 or 1983.  the next time I came with my friend Brad and my then boy friend Darren in 84 or 85.  then I came with my then boyfriend Kevin for friend Jon's 40th birthday party at La-ti-da in 90 or 91, I think.   at some point in the early 90s I came with my friend Chris - before I met Phil and she met her now husband Jim.  and then I went with Phil and my brother-in-law Larry in the late 90s or early 2000s.  and the last time I was there, was with my buddy TB a few years back now - when we worked together on risk management stuff. 

but since it has been probably six or seven years I asked to return for my birthday this year. Key West is the only place of 100% island mentality in the continental US.  it stands alone - like N.O. LA in being in the US but not OF the US.  so you can look forward to photos from our trip before the end of the month. 

meanwhile let's go back to some of the ones I have been working with in the past few weeks. a selection of temple photos from "my favorites"

a worshipper spins the prayer wheels in Thimpu, Bhutan

tourists make a circuit of the temple of the Jade Buddha in the Grand Palace complex Bangkok, Thailand

Ta Prohm temple ruins in Siem Reap Cambodia

My Son temple complex in central Vietnam not far from Hoi An

 a temple in Luang Prabang. Laos

the Man Mo temple in Hong Kong, China

the Cao Dai sect "Holy See" north of Saigon, Vietnam

so that is my Sunday report- a lazy day- read - hung out on the deck outside, along the river and relaxed.  I am thinking to transfer a few more photos since I know I have some fab Myanmar and India temple photos to round out these Asia temple photos I included above-

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