Wednesday, April 6, 2011

midnight at the oasis

Midnight at the oasis- Well not exactly - but night time by the pool.

We left at 5 PM for our final outing in Tataouine- the Ksar Ouled Soultane.  While there I bought a small watercolor of the place for 5 Dinar ($3.50) which of course will cost 20 times that much to frame but it will be a nice momento.  Here is a photo of me in front of the location of the painting. 

We made one more stop at the hotel we were supposed to have been but that hasn’t been finished- LOL- the part that is complete is already falling down- even though our hotel is simple it is much better than the falling apart incomplete Disney-esque place we were supposed to be using.  Here is a shot of the best place in the hotel a wall with some pots lined up against it. 

The place was totally weird- dinosaur replicas on the roof and fake camels in the courtyard some with missing legs… what a mess.  Mohamed said he heard that the owner had left the country.  Well anyway… we got the better deal for sure.  Tomorrow is our last day and we go to the island of Djerba to visit the synagogue and the market there.  This is the shopping opportunity many have waited for.  I will see how it goes – I don’t  need anything but the economy here could use some assistance so who knows…
Then at the end of the day we fly back to Tunis and have our farewell dinner and then up at 4:45 the following morning for 8 AM flights to Paris where we will all split up and go our separate ways.  Good group and it was wonderful having only eight.  No delays waiting on one or another person and we all played nicely together.  I may not get back to the blog after this post until I get home.  I will do some additional posting over the next 10 days or so on the trip as I go through photos and remember certain interesting things – so stay tuned. 

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