Monday, January 2, 2012


when my sister and I were young - grade school age- we were huge fans of girl detectives- of course Nancy Drew would have been our introduction since my mom had also been a big Nancy Drew fan.  we loved Harriet the Spy and I remember carrying around a steno pad for a week or so to record my "observaitons" LOL-

but I thought of this today because one thing you always got from the cover of the Nancy Drew books was an incredible atmosphere of mystery.  I don't remember the exact title but one of the earliest I read was the "secret in the old swamp" LOL or some such- the cover had a swamp with trees covered in spanish moss and a ghostly paddle wheeler steam boat coming from behind the moss covered trees. 

now each moring and evening when the light gets dimmer I wait for the scene at River Cottage to bring the ghostly steamboat around the bend just beyond our own spanish moss covered trees- and it brings me a smile to think back to that time.  the other day in Costco they had the complete Nancy Drew book set but I didn't want to buy updated versions - I wanted Nancy in her roadster- even in our era roadster was an out of date term but we loved that kind of thing because then we knew these were the same ones my mother had read as a girl. 

or maybe this one looks a bit more spooky - LOL

Ha Ha Ha Ha--- found it!

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