Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year's eve wildlife

I know you have all been waiting patiently to see some new bird photos so I have a selection of things we have seen in the last 24 hours to get you started- I won't make you do the identification since we have a book here to look these up and I can tell you what they are (HA HA- urban dwellers that we are- we would be lost without the book)
the blue heron:

a gallinule (no, it is not a duck- LOL) it is a member of the coot family--- so of course feels quite at,l, home here- LOL

Phil's personal favorite the Anhinga (a member of the Cormorant family - a species we also have here on the river)

an osprey- looks from the distance like a bald eagle but has the white under body - in the hawk family - they eat fish and catch them in their taloned feet - which have a two two configuration on the talons rather than the usual one three combo (yes read one book and now I am an expert!- LOL)

and I included this less than stellar (technically) photo because I loved the composition of the bird in flight and his reflection on the river- if only I had been faster at setting up the shot I could have had this in focus...alas- that would apparently be the life of a nature photographer.

I love how you can see his feet dragging in the water as he gets his lift going--- magnificent birds--

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