Monday, June 25, 2012

we see western art and continue eating

the next day TB and I had a leisurely breakfast at some place with a name like Eggs Gone Wild (no disrobing beach bunnies here) big food and quite the starter for the day.  then we picked up Phil and met Jen for a tour of the Anschutz Collection at the Museum of the American West- tours two time a day on two days a week- it is tres exclusive and lovely. we lucked into a guide that was pretty relaxed about how much time we actually wanted to spend with him and gave us fairly good access to walk around on our own (closely observed by three other "security" type folks for the group of about 30 folks or so)

no photos inside so here a two of the outside of the location where the collection is on display- there were several things I really loved and a lot of cliched (if well executed) western art - in particular I liked two pieces that were not the usual wide open plains buffalo and Indians and cowboy type stuff- I liked a painting of a church done in a very stark style on the landing between the second and third floors and I liked a painting tucked back in the corner on the main gallery floor of a cliff dweller village with the peppers hanging on pueblo structures and smoke from fires rising out of the misty canyon... both as far away from western art cliches as you could find-

afterward we took Phil to lunch (he was starving - having not gone to the big breakfast place) at Trinity next door- he had a burger he thought was fab! TB and I had wedge salads which were worthy as well- and were quite the nice accompaniment to our cocktails at happy hour.

then we said farewell to Jen and headed home- later we went out to Cafe-Bar another hot spot for dinner...LOL where I couldn't finish my lovely risotto because of the heat in the inside dining room...LOL I see a trend here... but no worried we skipped the offer of free dessert to go for ice cream but found everyone else had the same idea and so we did them one better...rather than wait in line, we went to King Sooper's and picked up two pints of Graeter's famous French Pot ice cream in chipped flavors of black raspberry and chocolate... relaxed at home with the best ice cream in the world and made a plan for the following day.

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