Monday, June 25, 2012

wherein we become famous foodies LOL

LOL so we headed over to TB's to "check in" to our new digs in his "lower level" and cool off for an hour or so before heading over to Jen's for Cuban style drinks- excellent daiquiris! - as a memento of the recent foray Jen and I made to Cuba (excellent trip recited in excruciating details in April and May entries here on the blog...

then on to a dinner place nearby - one of the hottest places in town - LOL- little did we know they want the rep to be literal as well as figurative and here is how we became famous Chicago foodies...LOL

this was published on the Westword blog right after we left town... the meal was exciting... food was good too... but it was seriously hot in the small dining room where we were seated- it was cooler in the other but they refused to move us in there... oh well- as TB said- not Denver's finest hour... and things kept up the heat as we spent the next few days not all that far from a forest fire that is still raging out of control more than a week later....

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