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foto faves

Monday, June 25, 2012

TB and I take to the hills

while late night Phil slept TB and I got up and out of the house by 7:30 - we ate in the car on the road - drive through food - and headed out of town -

after hitting two hot places for dinner the prior two nights we were seeking some cool - so we headed north of 14,000 feet and the road on Mt Evans- up past the tree line - up to the area of cute furry butt marmots and hairy mountain goats we climbed and climbed in our little rental car...

we knew we were in the right place when we got to the point in the road where a dozen photographers with humongous long lenses (overcompensating for something I am sure- LOL) were all pointed in one direction - at a couple of mountain goats --- LOL (I am ready for my close up Mr. DeMille)

we kept going to the top and got out for some bracing natural air conditioning and a pit stop- we also got a chance to see a couple of teenage goats up close and personal up there at what was once a "castle" on the top of the mountain...

after driving back into town in time to pick up Phil for lunch we headed out to Tavern in the old Lowry base development.  then went off to the new historical museum - mixed reviews - good for kids - mediocre for adults and if you wanted to learn about Colorado history (settlement, statehood, development etc...) this is definitely not the place- no unsinkable Molly Brown - no X state admitted to the Union in 18XX - none of that boring history for these folks- but hey they do have a lego exhibit and a fake train town and a fake mine... so if you are 3-12 certainly GO- but if you want actual state history there must be another place for that - this certainly is not IT....

dinner at a fab family owned green chile Mex place El Tejado where we met TB's other travel buddy Patty Calhoun (owner/publisher/author and celebrity) for dinner.

finally the next morning we were up for breakfast lunch at Breakfast Inn Dinner Too... then off to the airport for our two and a half hour delayed flight- we got home Friday night at 11 PM... but had a superb trip with all our buddies out there... so the delay was only a slight inconvenience...

a drum roll for the final photos from Denver-

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