Monday, June 25, 2012

a week of lots

of things to do- the Sunday after our return from Denver I began the final blog entries for Greece- put together my photo book - posted on facebook along the way -and generally got caught up with paperwork...

on Tuesday night we had dinner with Neil at Kiki's Bistro- one of the wines - the other was a wonderful Mersault

 on the way home we picked up two wines Neil was bringing to Saturday night dinner a 1976 Corton Bressandes and a 1978 Corton Bressandes from Tollot-Beaut et Fils.  these were chosen because our guests of honor were born in those years. LOL - yes we actually have friends born in the late 70s!

the next night we went to a Chicago Gourmet event near our house at Ceres Table- on Clark Street. here is the excellent menu - everything was well prepared and very yummy- I especially liked the salad course it was just right for the warm weather we had been having... but each and every course was first rate!

so on Thursday we went to our first class of the six week summer session at Northwestern - on forgotten US presidents.  the place was jammed with seniors with white hair and hearing aids and I thought a riot would break out when they said the handicap parking would be limited- LOL- seriously this is a rough crowd - don't mess with those old folks... they can be ruthless-

then in the evening we went to see Bang the Drum Slowly at the Raven theater. it was an excellent production of the baseball classic about a star pitcher and a dying catcher that the pitcher shepherds through the dying kid's final season as their team heads towards the world series.... wonderful acting and good script - an enjoyable evening -

and then Friday Laure and Arno arrived from NYC for a visit and they brought the world's cutest (now) toddler with them Alix!  here she is in Sheila's garden smelling flowers....

a group of ten of us had the duck and piglet at Sun Wah in the neighborhood and I came home to finish up food prep for Saturday night when Dick & Ali and Laure & Arno & Alix and Neil came for dinner-

we had starters of duck rillettes and four kinds of french cheeses on baguettes from Florian on Webster- then a tenderloin on the grill with side of mushroom bread pudding, a corn and tomato salad in cilantro dressing, chilled asparagus in a cranberry vinaigrette with blue cheese crumbles and sliced almonds and sesame marinated snap peas... Ali brought desserts from Florian and Neil brought a bottle of Cristal (96) in addition to the two burgs- Dick brought an 86 Margaux and an 82 Leoville Las Cases.  we ended the evening with an 1988 Y'quem and I think a good time was had by all...

the week is rounding to a close but we had one more dinner on the calendar and it was a winner-

a Chicago Gourmet event at Courtright's in Willow Springs (where? LOL) it was convenient on Sunday night - there in 40 minutes or so and back in a little less-

the menu was fabulous and the place was lovely - we even purchased some house branded (made at their son-in law's Greece located olive grove) olive oil!

here is the menu and some photos of the food:

(sorry photos were taken with my phone so they are not that great but the food was!)

a place worth the drive for sure - so we will be back when we get an opening on the social schedule - LOL - that happens all the time- NOT!

anyway- so here we are up to today again  - finally caught up with busy busy - tomorrow our farewell to Laure & Arno dinner with Sheila & Mary - then Saturday is Sheila's 50th birthday party and we have our Thursday class - and who knows what else will show up... time flies - as I keep saying thank god I am retired since I don't have time to work these days!

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