Sunday, November 11, 2012

le cordon bleu chicago

the LCBC competition cooking team prepared an outstanding meal for the Chicago Gourmets club on Saturday night - my cousin Michele was supposed to accompany us but when her trip was canceled due to flight difficulties we asked our friend Nan to join us to take her ticket for the event. 

The event was planned as a fund raiser for the expenses incurred by the competition team to go for the gold medal - first at the state level and then in the nationals

here is the menu:

and the food -


but among the extra treats we were granted was access to the prep area for some demos of how some of our ingredients were prepared - including in order below - two shots of-  cracker making; the season like a chef station where you could try your hand at seasoning bechamel sauce; the tuile making station; and a place for foaming carrots- LOL.  There was also a spot for the veggie carving and the mousseline preparation!


out in front- we had lovely table settings with place cards and flowers from Don Newcomb's garden:

the team shown below-  delightful evening!

the event raised 4,000 for the support of the competition team- which was not even halfway to the total amount they need to compete- but I am sure this talented group will find a way to get the rest of the 10,000 raised.  GOOD LUCK! LCBC Competition Team...GO FOR THE GOLD!

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