Thursday, November 15, 2012

we go to lunch

so I think I failed to mention to you that I whine every time Phil gets gyros here in Chicago because I do not like lamb... and when we were in Athens I was able to have pork and chicken gyros in the Plaka at a table outdoors and under the vines...

so when we were in Greece last May/June I did get pork gyros but when we returned home I started on my sad tale of woe yet again...LOL

recently we found an article about a place in Wicker Park that served pork and chicken and lamb and beef gyros in an assembly line style place where there was no table service but they sliced and assembled as you requested with a choice of four spits for the protein and then a choice of add ons and sauces - along with a couple of sides or dips...

and also recently Phil has agreed to take off Wednesdays in his quest to be semifree like me- well to be more accurate - he occasionally takes off Wednesday lunch and I am more than semifree at this point - but hey who is that technical?

so off we went to Covo Gyro Market yesterday for lunch...and - well - it was cute and clean and did have everything as "advertised" in the article and reviews we had read but it wasn't that great.  Now maybe this is just because I wasn't eating outside under vines in the Plaka but maybe not--- at any rate we will not be back anytime soon. 

so as you can see - it was a nicely designed space- if not quite Plaka-like... LOL- I think next time we will end up at Greek Islands as I know they are open for lunch and while they don't have pork gyro they do have a kick butt taramousalata!

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