Tuesday, May 7, 2013

another day outdoors

so on the next day- the good weather was holding- actually it was getting warmer!

we decided a quick trip up to Montmartre for a walk and lunch and then a subway ride over to Notre Dame (850 year old Notre Dame) - all teeming with tourists of course because it IS - April in Paris! We have frequently come here in late February and early March and I would vote to return to that schedule as things are much less tourist infested and while the weather can be iffy it can also be very nice- one year the cherry blossoms were blooming early March!

and- even if the weather isn't wonderful - your time in the museums will be greatly enhanced by the smaller crowds... except for the Mona Lisa - which is a complete joke- you can never get near it and everyone has their cell phones up trying to get a shot of her... you would think it was Madonna or something- LOL

so off we went on the Metro - our transportation of choice in both NYC and Paris- and we got off at Abesses so we could take the funicular up to Sacre Coeur (we have never had to stand in line before!) but I am getting ahead of the photos - so let's go there...

OK none of these photos was actually taken on the way over to Montmartre but they do illustrate the metro system we used... our first stop was the small park right across from the metro stop-

in the park is an oft photographed mural of many language expressions of love:

including the one from AMESLAN- (don't know if I spelled that correctly)

then we headed to the church behind the metro exit - all made of poured concrete-

then we headed down the slope to the funicular-

at least there was entertainment while you waited- unfortunately they were only running one of the two cars so things went slowly-

Sacre Coeur was mobbed of course and so we headed right to the Place du Tertre-

we stopped for a soda - thirsty but not wanting to eat in this area - too mobbed!

then some photos of the souvenirs available for those in need of a place to spend their money-

decisions decisions decisions---

we headed down the hills and into the heart of the non-tourist neighborhood for lunch- so I will post my last photos of tourist Montmartre and then the next post will start with real neighborhood photos and on to Notre Dame-

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