Tuesday, May 7, 2013

dinner with acquaintances

Phil knew this guy from the Folk Stage audience of donors named David and it turned out that David and his partner Sue were going to be in Paris the same time we were.  They rented an apartment for several weeks. He had worked there more than fifteen years ago but had actually lived in the Paris metro area for 8 years back then...

we met for a drink and then took the bus over to the place we had chosen for dinner- somewhere floating around is a photo of David and Phil at the bus stop but I wasn't privy to it - LOL so I have not posted - but here is the stop info - LOL and the card for the restaurant we went to- along with a photo taken at the corner where the restaurant is located- you can see it is well situated for a night time shot of the iconic Paris landmark-

and to save a little time-  I will mention here that two nights later we had the best meal of our trip along this same street at Au Bon Accueil- a place to seek out- fabulous food and cordial service - right down the street in the above two photos!
I would say this one is a "don't miss" - so make a note of the address and number- it is small and you must reserve for dinner...

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