Friday, June 14, 2013

La Mirage!

So we arrive late in the day to our lovely - incredibly beautiful hotel La Mirage.  The grounds are a park- filled with amazing landscapes amongst the charming cottages that make up the hotel "rooms" for the lucky guests.

This is a case where the photos will do it more justice than words could-

our room/cottage

the key:

the grounds-



the breakfast pavilions

dinner was served in the elegant dining room- and included our own dining companion fish- LOL


the meal was lovely but sadly Phil wasn't feeling well enough yet to have a good appetite and during the meal I also lost my appetite- ending up in the middle of the night being extremely sick with what turned out to be a stomach flu (now who knows if this was what had felled Phil in Cuzco or whether it was altitude sickness?) Anyway I was down for the count over night but feeling much better by the following evening. So, at least for me, it was a 24 hour thing. 

That is the thing- when you are traveling - stuff happens and you have to just soldier on with the trip- unless it is life threatening you just suck it up and keep going.

as it turns out the next day in Otavalo was one of my favorite days despite a late start and less than stellar health.  Oswaldo brought local remedies for the after effects of a night of flu and we continued on...

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