Saturday, June 15, 2013

more Otavalo market time

I am going to start with a series of the mostly beautifully displayed produce I have seen in any of the numerous markets we have visited worldwide-

then go on to more goodies-


this market wasn't just for food- it was for eating and selling other household items as well-

I don't think I have yet mentioned that the world's largest exporter of roses is Ecuador and the flowers are all grown here in the highlands  around Otavalo.

and although it may seem odd- we ran across this clown getting coffee on our way out of the market - LOL

from the food and household market in the city center we went to the handicraft market which featured many things that looked much like the Pisac market - lots of touristy items but there were a few different things here- like loads of Panama hats (as always made in Ecuador) and some lovely fabric along with some native beads we did not see in Peru-

and still touristy stuff - like T-shirts etc... most of which I didn't bother photographing but since we were headed to the amazon in two days, this one caught my eye-

next up - some more stops along the way in the Highlands and then into Quito-

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