Saturday, October 26, 2013

the Hong Kong - Kowloon Star Ferry

so on day two we headed to the Ferry to ride across the harbor to Kowloon.  the ferry fare is still amazingly cheap - less than a single US dollar- and the ride is fun- atmospheric- historical and timeless. 

below- note the red brick building in the background with the opening for the dragon (feng shui) so as to not bring back luck to the owners-

all size vessels on the Harbor waters-

we walked around the tip of Kowloon and did some window shopping. 

they didn't look too appetizing but they smelled wonderful!

Then we looked for a lunch place and ended up in the basement of a small mall on Nathan Road where we had sushi from a conveyor belt.  It was fresh and fabulous! and good thing it was conveyor as there was not much English on the menu-

shoes for sale in the store next to the lunch place- quite dapper don't you think?

for dinner we had a reservation at Man Wah (another highly rated Chinese restaurant that we had been to before and were looking forward to another visit)


we have an early morning tomorrow as we are off to Guangzhou on Mainland China and our drive is coming at 7:15!  The train ride is two hours and then we have a border crossing at the station when we arrive-

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