Thursday, October 30, 2014

greetings from goosefoot

So last night we had our final "farewell 2014 Chicago" dinner at goosefoot- if you follow this blog you know it is one of our favorite places to eat in our neighborhood.  The Michelin star doesn't do it any harm and actually makes us happy that it will attract diners from the loop and out of town - that will keep a neighborhood restaurant alive and well for quite some time....

the menu has a few changes from our most recent prior visit in mid September... since the goosefoot store has opened next door, they have more cheese choices so this will change more frequently (per Molly - our co-favorite server - along with Isabel!) And we had a new prep on the amuse (it comes in a new ceramic piece that is taller and more dramatic than the prior presentation.)

the white we chose showed fabulously! really perfect- drink it now if you have it...

a new soup which paired the ever present fall squash soup with tart cranberries to cut the cloying squash - really excellent with just a touch of curry...

then we moved on the red which opened up nicely with a bit of breathing room-

we love the updated salmon dish with the ginger infused soy -

the duck course above and beef course below-

a new cheese- we liked it immensely -

the traditional palate cleanser of yuzu and beet-

then the desserts - with a new presentation on the final (pineapple) dessert-

to finish it all off - hot chocolate with cardamom

really first rate meal as we knew it would be--- another tried and true place we can highly recommend!!!

tonight we are off to the Chicago Humanities Festival for a lecture/concert by Darlene Love-

And this rounds out the season for Chicago 2014... fun times - we made new friends (Mark & Mirella who are also part time - dashing off in September to Honolulu for their time in better climes) and got to spend a lot more time with Mon & Beth (yea!) had a lot of amazing meals and some great theater and a fabulous road trip - remember Buddy's Pizza in Detroit? went to France, went to Maritime Canada, saw/heard some excellent concerts and got to see a bit more of old friends Dick, Ali, Mark, Laura, Liv, Mick and Neil.... we even had time for a few Chicago Gourmets meals... other friends are as over scheduled as we are so it was tough catching up with Sheila, Mary, Brian & Tina - but there's always next year!

See you next week in Sea Sand and Sun! when we arrive to spend time in Lucy & Penny's playhouse in Florida... stay tuned - stone crabs, grouper, great theater... excellent festivals - food and music - all coming up!

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