Wednesday, April 15, 2015

another good one

so now - well into the week of the Sarasota Film Festival and I have seen fifteen films so far- have eight more on my schedule-

a very intense week - and I gave half a thought to skipping tonight's movie but it is one of the featured films and sold out early- it is called The End of the Tour...... but more on that later- first let's get to last night's film - a comedy about immigrants to NYC that I liked very much.  I don't pretend to be a film critic- I just call em as I see em-

This one was one Phil and I saw together and he liked it less- said the characters were losers... but I liked most of the characters and found the contrast between the wife and the mistress an interesting study in character/personality...

the multi-national cast was excellent- and while I don't think the dialogue was witty in the Woody Allen way I did laugh pretty frequently and there were some really funny scenes throughout the movie and some very nice relationships between the characters.  The different strands of the story all tie together in the end as paths cross along the way.  I would give it a thumbs up for watching at home- no need to look for it on the "big screen" this one will work just as well on a good sized home TV.

And speaking of home viewing- you can see my second favorite film RIGHT NOW at home - the 29 minute masterpiece of comedy "Down In Flames" seriously funny- I made Phil watch it last night on the Internet - and he also roared throughout the film--- this one is worth seeking out... sign in to the website and email for a password and you can watch the film online.  The website is - ENJOY!!!!

and here is tonight's movie selection - which I will rush to from the Tampa airport after dropping off Phil for his flight to Chicago...

we will see how this one turns out- has the Hollywood cast (which is not always a plus) and of course the David Foster Wallace buzz word-- again not always a good thing - but I will get back to you on this one...

meantime - do yourself a favor and go online an request a password to see Down In Flames!

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