Friday, April 17, 2015

have you met Stendhal?

I realized on this day, Friday, I had had the theme music of the Sarasota Film Festival pounding in my head for five days. It was now like one of those songs people implant in your head out of spite and you are soooo stuck with it.  Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald anyone? LOL-

Leaving this morning's fairly funny "Sleeping with Other People" I was maxed out on movies... I was looking out the windshield of my car and seeing it as if on a movie screen; hearing the background noise of the rap playing in the car next to me at the light, as a soundtrack; watching the guy in the car behind me in my rear view mirror, say something to the woman in the seat next to him and then punch a fist at the windshield.

Last Saturday I saw roughly eight hours of movies and I couldn't remember the third film I saw that day- and barely could dredge up the fourth one. The movie this afternoon (Sleeping with Other People) was mildly appealing with the male lead played with great charm and the female lead only moderately annoying. But really, at this point I want to conserve my resources for the final blow out day- with two films I want to see, and the closing film as a social engagement. So I bailed. Cloris Leachman I apologize. I just couldn't do it- even with the tag line of "two siblings, five pounds of pot and a runaway grandmother."

I went and had my oil changed and dropped off some recycling...

I thought I might have Stendhal Syndrome and since it is psychosomatic I guess I could give it to myself.  Here is what they say about it in Wikipedia: A psychosomatic disorder that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, fainting, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to an experience of great personal significance, particularly viewing art.  There is no scientific evidence to define the Stendhal syndrome as a specific psychiatric disorder; on the other hand there is evidence that the same cerebral areas involved in emotional reactions are activated during the exposure to artworks.

No fainting, no rapid heartbeat, no dizziness or confusion, unless you count not being able to remember a few of the - now 18 - films I have seen in the last seven days, so clearly I am just in overload not in "true" Stendhal (if you can call psychosomatic "true".) Anyway- I won't desert you- here is today's film and then the three for tomorrow which I will be going to - I promise - after this time out for a few moments of silence...LOL

so I do want to review the highlights SO FAR- in the order I would rate them #1 first-

The final one on this list is one that grew on me- it kept sneaking back into my thoughts for a couple of days after seeing it- and so I will include this on my "look for these films" list.

and yes, you will get the reviews of my last three films late tomorrow or early Sunday...  don't give up hope - I just needed a bit of a break..

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