Sunday, April 12, 2015

three more films

So three up and three more done... at the SFF 2015... so today's offerings were excellent. And the thumbnail reviews were as follows-

we started with a good documentary about the last Kosher factory on the lower east side - Streit's Mazto, the American Dream.
Followed by a beautifully filmed western with good character development - Slow West...
and for our final film of the day - a really mouthwatering movie about the Pulitzer prize winning food writer Jonathan Gold which ended up being both poem and paean to LA.

all three of these films are recommended! and in the case of City of Gold, HIGHLY recommended.  I would urge anyone who loves food to go see it- or even if you don't and you like travel shows or watch the food network or Diners, Dives and Drive-ins etc... this is a fab film for all those categories!

only a month ago we read of the planned closing of the LES Streit's facility and their impending move to NJ which gave the film and elegiac quality... time passes and the world moves on...

here are two posters from movies I saw yesterday and liked- especially the spectacularly funny "Down in Flames"

had lunch yesterday in an old timey sandwich shop (founded in 1958) across the street from the theater- good deli style/greek food

tomorrow I am slacking off and only seeing two films-

the second one interested me because of our planned trip to Bulgaria in the fall - more to come, as always!

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