Monday, April 13, 2015

The best! followed by The worst!

So today I saw a terrific movie- the very best so far - and it will be tough to top this one... and then I also saw the worst so far and I wonder if I will see one in the next nine movies I am seeing.... we will see-

first the best - it was in the vein of The Usual Suspects and The Spanish Prisoner - two of my all time favorite movies--- an excellent and atmospheric detective story about an author who writes best selling potboilers about a Japanese police detective...

I thought this film Man from Reno was a fabulous noir story and saw several points along the way when it could have been ended but it kept flipping over into a new mystery each time... many layers of narrative and excellent performances by both the Sheriff and the Author... Really EXCELLENT- seek this one out and do your best to see it!!!!!

and here is the worst film so far--- three hours of tedium and meaningful looks from the completely unlikeable characters...  communism as the complete and total lack of nurturing? I am not sure-  but I know there sure was much ado about milk in this film... which actually seemed to be one very long film very serious about itself "art" film with a comedy thrown in the middle for a small breath (very small) of relief.... miss this one - actually RUN AWAY if someone you know tells you that they want you to go see it with them!

tomorrow - we see Welkome Home - which is bound to be better so stay tuned!

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