Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Racine's NY at a year!

A few weeks longer than one year ago we made our first trip to Racine's NY at the soft opening April 2014... here is the post from the evening we spent there - http://blog.semifreelife.com/2014/04/the-main-event.html

and tonight we went back for the second time to find a fully functioning restaurant and wine bar that has a supremely welcoming vibe and fabulous food along with the incredibly great wines that are selected by our dear friend Arno Tronche - (owner/sommelier) who runs the front of the house along with many other tasks (adjusting lighting,  buying extra bread etc...)

We are completely happy to report this is as great as the reviews it has been getting for the last eleven months.  A great evening dining with daughter Angela, her guy Lee along with Laure and Alix.

We had a number of terrific dishes - and here are some photos etc...

Amuse of chilled soup-  and below - the fabulous an amazingly varied tastes of the fluke starter.

the mackerel - with cauliflower-  very good as well- (this came for the table)

the soft shell crab special - also for the table-

my main the monkfish- was excellent! with a hearty sauce of mushrooms and hazelnuts!

we tried these three desserts but I only got one with my dying cell phone - and below a photo of the interior (not a great one but you can at least see the scale- very cozy but not sitting on top of each other...

the coffee parfait with milk chocolate sauce - was good but the chocolate caramel tart was the big winner in the dessert courses!

It was great to see Arno enjoying himself and fully in his element.  Super to catch up a bit with Angela and Lee as well as touch base with Laure and Alix one more time before leaving town... tomorrow "Number One Son" and his friend Carolina... at dinner- and a high end treat of a lunch at Juni! so stay tuned for more fun- we also are programming good weather for a walk along the High Line! - always a winner with us!

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