Wednesday, May 13, 2015

two for two

About a year ago or so we went to Juni for the Prix fixe lunch.  We had been to SHO Shaun Hergatt with Angela & Lee, Laure & Arno before it closed and really loved the food. We were thrilled to find Shaun Hergatt had opened a new place near where we frequently stay in Chelsea.

When we went the first time we were completely wowwed by the meal. Rarely do you have a 100% perfect meal and our first meal at Juni was just that

The return visit today made it two for two! 100% perfect meal!  We had starters of the stunningly beautiful spring inspiration salad and the hearts of palm. Then we both had the amazing salmon lacquered in pomegranate. And we both had the mango jalapeño dessert.

Each on every course was exquisite! Highly recommended. We simply don't know why there isn't a line out the door and around the block!!!!  We will be back....

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