Saturday, May 16, 2015

we explore Brussels

So even though we were some what off schedule we started our exploration of Brussels right away - in the chocolate shops of the Grand Place. LOL- I know I know-

we also went into the Galleries Hubert to scope out the chocolate scene there as well- LOL

there are actually a number of other things to buy beside chocolate-

The other food things around here beside chocolate are waffles and frites (French fries!)

for dinner we headed to a place we loved the last time we were here- and it is still excellent!

we started with the shrimp croquettes

then had the fabulous soup de poisons - with the croutons and aoli-

Phil's lobster fricassee and my salmon with herbed butter-

we headed home to bed - already after midnight- so we felt like we had won the jet lag battle!

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